Aquatic Chemistry (Env 543)

Aquatic Chemistry
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Th 8/31

Introduction to aquatic chemistry

Chapter 1

PS1 out

Tu 9/5

Introduction to problem-solving approach

Morel and Hering


Th 9/7

Thermodynamics and equilibrium

Chapter 2

PS1 due, PS2 out

Fri 9/8

Thermodynamics:  non-standard and non-ideal systems

Chapter 2


Mon 9/18

Acid-base reactions

Chapter 3

PS2 due, PS3 out

Tu 9/19

Acid-base equilibrium speciation

Chapters 3-4


Th 9/21

Graphical solutions to acid-base problems

Chapters 4

PS3 due, PS4 out

Tu 9/26

Gas-liquid partitioning and open systems

Chapter 7


Th 9/28

Computer software:  MINEQL+

Chapter 6

PS4 due, PS5 out

Tu 10/3

Titrations and buffering

Chapter 5


Wed 10/4

Laboratory session:  acid-base reactions


PS5 due

Tu 10/10

Alkalinity:  definitions and applications

Chapter 5


Th 10/12

Metal complexation

Chapter 8

Lab Report due, PS6 out

Tu 10/17

Metal complexation

Chapter 8


Th 10/19

Dissolution-precipitation:  oxides and hydroxides

Chapter 8

PS6 due, PS7 out

Tu 10/24

Dissolution-precipitation:  other solids

Chapter 8


Th 10/26

Competition between solids

Chapter 8

PS7 due, PS8 out

Tu 10/31

Laboratory session:  dissolution-precipitation reactions

Chapter 8

Course Project out

Th 11/2

Coexistence of solids and the phase rule

Chapter 8

PS8 due

Tu 11/7

Oxidation-reduction:  introduction

Chapter 9


Th 11/9

Oxidation-reduction:  thermodynamics and redox scales

Chapter 9

Lab Report due, PS9 out

Tu 11/14

Equilibrium speciation in oxidation-reduction chemistry

Chapter 9


Th 11/16

pe-pH predominance diagrams

Chapter 9

PS9 due

Tu 11/21

Midterm Exam (in class)



Th 11/23

Thanksgiving!  No Class

Tu 11/28

Introduction to adsorption and isotherms

Chapter 10


Th 11/30

Surface complexation:  surfaces and reactions

Chapter 10

PS10 out

Tu 12/5

Surface complexation modeling

Chapter 10


Th 12/7

Surface complexation modeling

Chapter 10

PS10 due

Tu 12/12

Sorption in natural and engineered systems

Chapter 10

Written Report due

M 12/18

Oral Presentations of Course Projects, 1-3PM

2 Class meeting will be rescheduled.



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