Welcome to the Aquatic Chemistry Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis!

Research in the Aquatic Chemistry Laboratory investigates chemical reactions affecting the fate and transport of heavy metals, radionuclides, and other inorganic contaminants in natural and engineered aquatic systems. Specific topics include reactions at the Solid-Water Interface, Drinking Water Treatment, Contaminated Site Remediation, Energy Byproducts in the Environment, Biogeochemistry of Metals in Soils and Sediments, Geochemical Aspects of Carbon Sequestration.

Recent Publications

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May 2018, Our co-authored paper led by John Fortner's group "Engineered superparamagnetic nanomaterials for arsenic(V) and chromium(VI) sorption and separation: Quantifying the role of organic surface coatings" is published in Environmental Science: Nano.  (full text)

Apr. 2018, Zezhen's collaboration with Li Li and Hang Wen at Penn State yields the paper "" published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)

Mar. 2018, Wei's paper "CO2 Mineral Sequestration in Naturally Porous Basalt" is published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters.

Nov. 2017, Chao's paper "Rates of Cr(VI) generation from CrxFe1-x(OH)3 solids upon reaction with manganese oxide" is published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)

Nov. 2017, Wei's paper "CO2 mineral trapping in fractured basalt" is published in International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control.  (full text)

Aug. 2017, Zezhen's paper "Measurement and surface complexation modeling of U(VI) adsorption to engineered iron oxide nanoparticles" is published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)

Jun. 2017, Chao's paper "The effect of humic acid on the removal of chromium(VI) and the production of solids in iron electrocoagulation" is published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)


January 2019.  Neha officially joins the group.

May 2018.  Anushka and Weiyi pass the doctoral qualifying exam.

January 2018.  Our new project on sodium silicates as lead corrosion inhibitors sponsored by PQ Corporation starts.

December 2017.  We welcome Anushka Mishrra and Weiyi Pan into the group as new doctoral students.

November 2017.  Chao defends her thesis on the coupling of redox reactions involving chromium, iron, and manganese.

October 2017.  Dan attends the 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry in Hangzhou, China.

August 2017.  Zezhen defends her thesis on the sorption of metals onto natural sediments and engineered iron oxide nanoparticles.

August 2017.  We are starting a new National Science Foundation project supported by the Environmental Chemical Sciences program.

Jun 2017.  Dr. Xiaoliu Huangfu arrived from Chongqing University to begin a 1-year position as a visiting scholar supported by the China Scholarship Council

May 2017.  Anshuman passed his qualifying exam.

April 2017. Wei successfully defended her thesis defense. Congratulations Dr. Xiong!

Feburary 2017.  Congratulations to Yeunook on successfully presenting his thesis proposal.

January 2017, Dan co-led a panel of a DOE Basic Research Needs Workshop on the Energy-Water Nexus that was focused on water quality and quantity issues associated with energy production and carbon sequestration.

Former PhD student, Zimeng Wang, started an assistant professor position at Louisiana State University. 

July 2016, a new project focused on the timing and mechanisms of phosphate addition for control of lead in drinking water distribution systems officially started.  The work is a collaboration with Jill Pasteris in Earth and Planetary Sciences and with Yandi Hu at the University of Housto.  The project is supported by the National Science Foundation and the Water Research Foundation.

June 2016, we published MINFIT as a simple tool to enable MINEQL+ to fit experimental data. Download the program and tutorials here.

May 2016, Dan participated in the workshop "Science and Technology to Ensure the Safety of the Nation's Drinking Water" convened in Washington, DC by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Group News

May 18, 2017, we celebrated Wei, Chao, and Zezhen's Graduations and Anshuman's success on his qualifying exam. Dan and his wife Rachel invited ACL members to their home. The group also invited Wei's mother and Wei's husband, Lu, for a dinner. (Album)

May 15, 2017, Dr. Giammar gave a warm message to Class of 2017!. (Video Link)

Apr 6, 2017, Chao's Cr(VI) project was On Air! HEC-TV introduced electrocoagulation reactors of Cr(VI) project and interviewed Dr. Giammar. (Video Link)




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