Welcome to the Aquatic Chemistry Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis!

Research in the Aquatic Chemistry Laboratory investigates chemical reactions affecting the fate and transport of heavy metals, radionuclides, and other inorganic contaminants in natural and engineered aquatic systems. Specific topics include reactions at the Solid-Water Interface, Drinking Water Treatment, Contaminated Site Remediation, Energy Byproducts in the Environment, Biogeochemistry of Metals in Soils and Sediments, Geochemical Aspects of Carbon Sequestration.

Recent Publications

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January 2020,  Guiwei's paper "Effect of Cu(II) on Mn(II) Oxidation by Free Chlorine To Form Mn Oxides at Drinking Water Conditions" is published in Environmental Science & Technology .  (full text)

December 2019,  Yeunook's paper "The Ability of Phosphate To Prevent Lead Release from Pipe Scale When Switching from Free Chlorine to Monochloramine" is published in Environmental Science & Technology .  (full text)

November 2019,  Weiyi's paper "Impact of Cu(II) and Zn(II) on the Reductive Dissolution of Pb(IV) Oxide" is published in Environmental Science & Technology Letters.  (full text)

September 2019,  Zezhen's paper "Cr(VI) Adsorption on Engineered Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Exploring Complexation Processes and Water Chemistry" is published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)

May 2019,  Weiyi's paper "The role of manganese in accelerating the oxidation of Pb(II) carbonate solids to Pb(IV) oxide at drinking water conditions" is published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)

May 2019,  Dr. Wang and Dr. Giammar's opinion "Tackling Deficiencies in the Presentation and Interpretation of Adsorption Results for New Materials" is published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)

Apr. 2019, Ao's paper "Geochemical Stability of Dissolved Mn(III) in the Presence of Pyrophosphate as a Model Ligand: Complexation and Disproportionation" is published in Environmental Science & Technology.  (full text)

January 2019, Chao's paper "Understanding the Roles of Dissolution and Diffusion in Cr(OH)3 Oxidation by δ-MnO2" is published in ACS Earth Space Chem.  (full text)

November 2018, Our co-authored paper led by Dr. Lora L Iannotti at Brown school yields "Water metal contaminants in a potentially mineral-deficient population of Haiti" is published in International journal of environmental health research.  (full text)


January 2020, Eloise Thompson (undergraduate at WUSTL) joined the ACL. Welcome!

December 2019, Yao Ma officially joined our group as a new doctoral student.

November 2019,  Anushka, Neha, and Weiyi passed their thesis proposals. Congratulations!

October 2019, Xinyuan Chang, first year PhD student, joined the ACL for a 6-week research rotation. Welcome!

September 2019, The funding of the National Alliance for Water Innovation is announced.  The ACL will play an important role in this effort.

September 2019, Yao Ma, first year PhD student, joined the ACL for a 6-week research rotation. Welcome!

August 2019, Dan gives an invited presentation at the International Symposium for Environmental Geochemistry at Peking University.  While in Beijing he visits Guiwei's advisor Professor Baoyou Shi at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences

August 2019, Kyle Chardi (PhD student from Vienna University) and Elizabeth Johnson (undergraduate at WUSTL) joined the ACL. Welcome!

July 2019, Yeunook successfully defended his thesis defense. Congratulations Dr. Bae!

June 2019. Jake Muilenburg (undergraduate at WUSTL), Olivia Crowell (undergraduate at UMSL), Yuk Ki Lo (undergraduate at HKUST) joined the ACL.

May 2019, Violla Liu, undergraduate student in ACL, received an ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Award. Congratulations!

February 2019.  Guiwei Li from Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences joins the group.

January 2019.  Neha officially joins the group.

Group News

February 2020.  Weiyi's paper is on the cover of  Environmental Science & Technology Letters. Congratulations! (Issue Link)
November 5, 2019, Yeunook received the Best Student Presentation (and Oral Presentation) Award, 1st Place in Water Quality Technology Conference (WQTC).
November 3-7, 2019, Dan, Anushka, Guiwei, and Yeunook participated in Water Quality Technology Conference (WQTC) which was held in Dallas, TX.
October 19, 2019, ACL group members attended MAEEC at Mizzou.
August 9, 2019, Yuk Ki Lo finished her internship at ACL. Congratulations!
July 22, 2019, Olivia Crowell finished her STARS program at ACL. Congratulations!